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Rolling Baker
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Product Description

Model 90 gear type rolling baker, rotary speed: 18 R. P. M.
Power: 2.2kw (6poles), working capacity: 40---60kg of oil crops one time

The rolling baker is one of the most important oil ex traction accessary equipment. Comparing with cold press, if the seeds baked before pressing, the oil production rate will be increased by about 6 %. The machine will bring you a great profit.

By cold press one time, there is a lot of oil in the cake.
If by cold press for two times, it cost more electricity and bring more wearness to the press worms and rings.

If baking the seeds with the rolling baker, you can press only one time,
The residual oil in the cake is under 8%. The machine can greatly improve profit.

Model: 90 gear type
Standard: ISO
Rolling Baker


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