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7502 Fully Automatic Hydraulic Figure Block Machine
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7502 Fully Automatic Hydraulic Figure Block Machine


Detailed Product Description

The key parts of this machine, such as cylinder,piston,etc., are manufactured with high quality materials and processed with advanced technology so that its hydraulic system is ensured no any leaking. After shaping,the blocks are pressed enough and stabilized with good density and lower water absorption so that there are no any anxieties to be damaged by freezing when using in heavy frigid zone. The products canbe piled up immediately after shaping. Only for carrier,a large investment can be saved for the customers.In operation, usage and productivity,other kinds of similar machines can not compare with it. Only by using the river sands, stone chip and cement, etc. as the materials,the pavement blocks, turf blocks and curbs can be produced with a productivity of 3000Pcs/shift/4 persons.

 Along with the social progress, the afforestation standards in cities and countryside are increasd. So the colored pavement blocks, no doubt, are the first selection.


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