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model 500 cement mixer
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JS500 Mixer cement mixer


Technical parameters:
1) Capacity of material: 500L
2) Charging capacity: 800L
3) The aniseed foot-path the most of aggregate: 60 / 80mm
4) Mix time: 35 - 45s
5) Promote the rotational speed: 13rpm
6) Productivity: 20 - 25cbm/h

JS500 double axle concrete mixer can mix plasticity, lower plasticity, do rigid and various kinds of light quality concrete and sand oar. It is a kind of multi-functional mixing machinery with high efficiency and low energy consumption. With low noises mixing effect, it is suitable for high quality concrete mix of homeworking.

Used as a single machine, it can be combined with QJ series block making
machine as various type of block machine assembly line.



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