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White Sugar Grinder
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It is a type of swirling flow grinder. It is characterized with even particles, low temperature rise, suitable for wide range of materials, without dust pollution. This system including: Main grinder, fine powder bag collector, conveying pipe, electric cabinet and centrifugal fan. The materials stay in the chamber is very short to prevent temperature rises too high. After grinding, the powder is sucked into the collector or after grading, it is discharged from outlet valve. Working principle: The grinder makes use of the shear force, the impact force, ultrasonic vibration of the blades to crush the materials. The materials inhaled into the grinding chamber by negative pressure. The materials is sheared and impacted and ground. The air flow takes away the heat, so the temperature will not rise. According to different requirement, the grinder can be installed with mesh or without mesh. This unit has stable performance, good abrasion resistance, low noise, power saving, convenient operation and maintenance, high productivity, etc. It is ideal fine crushing equipment for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, grain industries. To crush sugar into 160-200 mesh powder, the working capacity can reach 1800-2200 kilograms/hour. This grinder can work on sugar, spices, fruit and vegetable powder, corn, soybean meal, etc. Model: WF-520 Input size: <5 mm Output size: 50-300meshes Working capacity: 300-2500 kg/h Main motor: 22/37 kw Motor speed: 3310-4500 r/m Weight: 1800kg Dimension: 3665× 1265× 2580 mm


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