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Bone Grinder
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These series of bone grinders are claw-teeth type. The optimized design makes impact on the cutter knife scattered., so single blades of shear strength and impact resistance is improved. The angle of the front blades is increased to cutting efficiency. The hopper is of noise insulation. The blades adopts high-quality steel via special heat treatment, wear-resisting performance is excellent. The claws can be adjustable. If the blades are blunt, it can be ground repeatedly. Motor with overload protection device. The input section and power system is interlocked to protect operator's safety. The machine can cooperate with belt conveyor, using automated input and output, reduce labor intensity. This machine has simple operation, convenient maintenance and cleaning, stable, compact structure, high yield, low temperature rise, final product size adjustable, the materials will not kept in the machine, etc. This is especially suitable for grinding dry, fresh cow large bone, pigs, sheep, various animal bones and large donkey bone and fish bones, broken range 5-80mm. Widely used in all kinds of sausage, lunch meats, meatball, frozen food, salty flavor, bone marrow, bone and cartilage element, bone meal, and bone soup, bone peptide extraction, biological products, instant noodles, snack food, compound condiment, food ingredients, pet food and frozen meat, etc. And other hard materials.


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