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Grain Conveyor
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The pneumatic conveyer is for the grain storehouse or docks. It is flexible, convenient assembly by simple combination can be used to suck or pressure feed or by mixed modes. Simply lay out pipelines according to the surroundings, the conveyor can be horizontal, vertical, slope, etc. The materials can be wheat, corn, soybean, malt and other granular material. It is especially suitable convey the for bulk transport of grain cargo for the large-scale granary, warehouse and food processing industry, brewing beer production industries. Model C series has dust cyclone, and it can suck grains into 6 m deep. It is suitable for square silo. This product has been improved on its air closer, which improves the whole life and trouble-free time, so it can save a lot of time and manpower and material resources. Since the market by users, the products are sold to the whole country 26 provinces and autonomous regions in China. Some products have been exported to overseas market.


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