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Fodder Briquetting Machine
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The machine can not only make fodder blocks for animals and also produce biomass blocks for biomass energy. The block size: 32*32mm* 30-80mm long, the density: 0.8-1.3G/cm3. After compression, the cubic size is the about 1/18_1/25 of the orginal size. The Biomass is all the matters from plants which can be used as energy source. It contains the material energy, so it is called as the biomass energy. Most of the biomass energy [such as wood, wood shavings, branches, shrubs, husk and straw, agriculture waste] can not be used in a higher degree. The biomass is not easy to transport and store. Biomass, especially the crop stalks and abandoned forest waste, can be pressed into cubes. This product can save a lot of biomass resources and can replace a part of coal, oil. It can form renewable energy utilization of circular economy. At the same time, during biomass burning process, it is of "zero emissions", which does not discharge dregs or smoke. The harmful gas is less and it does not pollute the environment. Densifying solidification of biomass technology can process wooden waste, tree branches, bushes, saw dusts, crop stalks into densified cubes. The energy is more concentrated and it is easy to transport and store. The biomass blocks can be used for fuels to house stoves, gasifier, heating stoves, boilers, or other places. At the same time, the blocks can be used as fertilizer, fodder, Fiber density board, partition panel, tableware, seedling port, etc. Compressed biomass fuel's characteristics and useage: 1. High capacity and small volume: The bulk biomass fuels density: 30--50 kg/m3, while that of the compressed biomass is 800-1300kg/m3, so it is easy to transport and store. It is easy to Merchandise. 2. High thermal efficiency, burn well: This product can reach calorific value 3700-- 5000KcaL/kg, strong firepower. 16.5 kilograms of the fuel can boil over 400 kilograms of water in 0.5 tons boilers in 40 minutes. In special burner, 0.65 kilograms of fuel can burn 60 minutes, combustion efficiency can reach more than 70%. 3. Easy to use, less heat loss during burning, the usage is similar to coals. To ignite with paper, convenient to use. When Biomass burning in bulk, the heat utilization is about 10-20%, this product can be more than 40% of the heat efficiency, saving the biomass resources. 4. Clean and sanitation, no pollution: This product in the combustion process is zero emission -- not drain slag, smokeless, no harmful gas such as sulfur dioxide gas, no pollution, Also by biomass gasification and biogas materials. The compressed blocks can be used in gasification or producing biogas. 5. The raw material for this product is wide and easy to get and reproducible, This product can be simply processed and sold.


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