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Light Meter
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light meter DT-1301 Product features: Small lightweight, easy operation 31/2 digit LCD with LUX, FC, LO BAT, MAX, HOLD index Auto power off four kind of measure range: 0---50000, resolving capability: 0.1LUX/FC data Maintain and maximum maintain function In standard incandescent light, at light temperature 2856k for calibration Accessories: 12 volt 'A23 'battery, leather bag, specifications, certification and guarantee card light meter detector test head size: 115*60*27mm size: 188*64.5*24.5mm weight: 160g EMC EN: 50081-1, 50082-1 Technical indicators: Light meter DT-1301 measure range 200, 2000, 20000, 50000LUX precision +or-5%rdg+or-10dgts(<10, 000lux) precision +or-10%rdg+or-10dgts(>10, 000lux)


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