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Home Scale Bio-Gas Digester
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Home scale bio-gas digester Volume: 6M3 and 8 M3 Application: Turns manuure or bio-waste into bio-gas. The bio-gas can be used for cooking, water heater, lighting, power generation, etc. It can improve farmer's living and sanitary conditions. It is green energy with bright future. Characteristics: The digester is made of fibre glass. It is charaterized as light in weight, high compression strength, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, no leakage. The hole body is made of upper and lower parts with vent, exit-entry for materials, water pressure chamber, the thickness is 6-10mm. It is easy to install and transport Long life and high frost resistance property High output of biogas Long life span: 30 years. Wide adaptabilty: It is suitable for high water level area or where the foundation is not stable.


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