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Bio-Gas Digester
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Plastic bio gas digester is made of reinforced PVC, which is welded by high frequency machine. It has strong, anticorrosion, ageing resistance, acid and alkali-resistant, stretch-proof, tear resistance, good air-tightness, high reliability. It is the newest bio-gas digester 1. Common size: 6, 8, 10m3 2. life span: 15 years 3. it can stand high temperature: 50 degrees centigrade, low temperature: - 20 degrees centigrade 4. 100% reliable 5. high out production of bio gas 6. no leakage of gas. 7. high safety, do not need to clean the digester, no hardous to human or manimals. 8. no crusty scum 9. it can be detached and use repeatedly 10. one day for installation, the second day can produce bio gas 11. easy to find site for installaion and transportation. We offer complete technical guide.


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