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Seed Cleaning Machine (5XF-1.3A)
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Seed Separator This machine has got a national silver metal for high quality. Its features are strong adaptability, high purity selection, and low cost. By changing the screen and adjusting the air flow it can accurately separate and grade wheat, rice, corn, sorghum, beans, benne, rapeseeds and pasture seeds. After processing the seeds will be suitable for mechanized precision sowing. Main Specifications: Capacity: 1250kg/h Rotating Speed of Fan: 900---1100R. P. M Rotating Speed Indent Cylinder: 32R. P. M Vibrating amplitude: 15--17mm Vibrating Frequency of Sieve BodyL 420 times/min Dimensions: 5210* 1800 *2420 mm Net Weight: 850kg We offer seed pre-clean, cleaning, separating machinery


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