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Platform Brake Tester
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It is designed to test the brake force and suspension efficiency of automobile whose axle load below 10 000 kg so as to evaluate the brake and suspension performance. Features: 1. The test plate is made of compound conglutination material layer with special processing to raise the test plates' adhesion coefficient, and prevent the brake force from drop when automotive wheels are wet. 2. The measurement system consists of industrial control computer, electric signal processing device with intellectual property, and sensors with high precision. 3. The network edition is available in measure software to complete communication protocol so that it is easy network interconnection for any single equipment. With the modular design, the Platform Tester with different configurations are available according to users' requirements. 4. The brake force is tested with high capability, and the real brake state emerges. Functions: Measure brake forces, max. Brake force, max. Difference between the left and right brake forces, and judge automatically if it is qualified according to standard related. Measure each wheel load Measure parking force. Test suspension efficiency of each wheel and judge automatically if it is qualified according to standard related. Display and printout curve of brake force-time, curve of parking force-time and vibration curve of suspension. Test sideslip of the steering wheel (combined with Side Slip Tester).


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