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Francis Turbine Generator
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 Medium sized and small Francis turbine is suitable for water head: 20 ~ 150 meters, while large sized Francis turbine is suitable for water head 30 ~ 200 meters. They are suitable for hydro power station with water head and load change.
Structural characteristics: When water flows through its wheel, it is toward radial direciton, the water guide out mechanism is at radial direction. The opening angle of the blades can be adjusted according to its load. The rotation wheel is composed of upper crest, lower ring and the certain amount of streamlined blades which fixed between the crest and ring. The intake chamber is usally made of metal or concrete volute. The draft tube is composed by straight cone diffusion tube, elbow tube with special shape and expansion section. The elbow pipe of small hydro genset is called as bent tube, it is classified as uniform cross section and tappered cross section, etc.


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