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cotton picking machine
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This machine can greatly increase worker’s efficiency. In normal conditions, picking rate is one or two times as that of hand picking .

The performance is reliable. It can continously work for a long time without any problem. The machine life can last quite a few years.

The design is scientific. When picking the cotton, the contton will not be blocked at the inlet. It will not pick the leaves. So the cotton grade can be guaranteed. The operation is very simple and convenient.  Do not need much training. The machine is light in weight. It has only a little noise.

Dimension: 280*90*110mm
Total weight: 620g
Electric power: 11W
Voltage: DC12V
Speed: 5400r/min

Battery capacity: 12V7AH/20HR
Charge time: About 6 hours
working time per charge: Above 6 hours
Productivity: About 220kg/day.



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