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Stable Temperature&Humidity Incubator
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Model LHP-160 LHP-250 LHP-300 Valid capacity: 160L 250L 300L Compressor power: 500W 800W 1000W Temperature range: 5~50centigrade Temperature resolution: 0.1centigrade Temperature uniformity: ± 1centigrade Fluctuations in temperature: ± 0.5centigrade Humidity range: 50-95%RH Fluctuations of humidity: ± 5%-8%RH I. Scope LHP series of constant temperature and humidity incubator intelligent use of advanced technology programmable microcomputer controlled manner. Incubators may set a variety of parameters (including temperature, humidity and time) for work or regular work methods have excellent control and anti-jamming capability to meet the different animal and plant production and preservation of various biological preservation needs. Applicable to the bacteria, serum, culture and preservation of microbial, plant cultivation and breeding of biological products, drugs, blood samples and all kinds of storage and testing.


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