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Manual operated Cassava/sweet potato Slicer
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Manual operated Cassava/sweet potato Slicer:

Why do we need to slice cassavas or sweet potatos? To store whole cassavas or sweet potatos, they are easy to rot. If we dry them, it is easy to keep them for a long time. After slicing, the surface of cassavas or sweet potatos increase by 10---20 times, so the slices can be dry within 3—5 days, then the cassava or sweet potatos can be well kept as feed. 

Working capacity: 500kg/hour, packing size: 0.8*0.5*0.5m. Slice thickness: 0.8—2.0cm, it is very convenient for farmers in non-electric supply area. The price is cheap. The weight is light and easy to move.

          This machine can slice sweet potato too.


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