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Cassava peeler and slicer
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Cassava peeler and slicer:TQ-4

Working capacity: 4tons per hour, dimension: 3*1.2*0.6 meters

Weight: 150kg, motor: 1.5kw, single phase, 50Hz. Slice thickness: 0.8—2.0cm,  adjustable.

It can peel off the cassava and slice the cassava at the same time.


 Cassava peeler and slicer:TQ-10

Working capacity: 10tons per hour, dimension: 3.5*1.5*0.8 meter, weight: 500kg,

Motor: 2 * 1.5Kw, 220v, 50Hz, single phase. Slice thickness: 0.8---2.0cm, adjustable. The machine can peel off the cassavas and slice cassavas.

This machine can peel and slice sweet potatos also. 


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