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Aerated Beverage Filling Machine (C16-12-6)
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This machine combines automatical flushing, filling and cap-sealing for aerated beverage. The performance of the machine is advanced and function is complete. It is practical, beautiful and easy to maintain and of highly automation. The filling speed is high and the liquid level is stable. Such as, when there are no bottles, or aearating, or over filling, the the filling valve will be shut off automatically. It adopts pneumatic elevation cylinder for feeding bottles and lubricated nylon gear to transmit with low noise, so the machine runs smoothly. It uses horizontal pneumatic rotary device to prepare cap-feeding, with no damage to cap surface. When the cap hopper lacks of caps, it will send signals to supplement caps. The equipment adopts human-machine interface touch-screen control, PLC computer program control and transducer control. It has automatical cap-feeding system, no bottles without capping, suspending machine while waiting for bottles or caps. The production capacity can be tailor-made.

Model C16-12-6 C18-18-6 C24-24-8 C32-32-10
Working capacity (500ml/btl) 2000-4000
4000-5000  6000-8000 8000-12000
Flushing nozzels 16 18 24 32
Filling nozzels 12 18 24 32
Capper 6 6 8 10
Bottle type Pet bottle, round or quadrate
Bottle diameter 50_100 mm
Bottle height 150---330mm
Compressed air pressure 0.4MPA                     
Filling error ≤±5mm (liquid surface)
Flushing medium bacteria free water, 0.18---0.25mpa
Flushing volume 1300 2000 2500 3000
Total power  4.4 5.03 6.57 8.07
Dimension 2200x1800x2300  2450*1800*2300 2750*2180*2300 3600*2200*2600
Weight 2800 3000 4000   5000


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