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Isobar Filling for Carbonated Beverage
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Bottle Flushing, isobar filling and capping machine for Carbonated Beverage,
This machine combines bottle flushing, filling and capping function. It is mainly used for aerated beverage production. It is mainly used in the carbonated drinks, cola, sparkling wine, mineral water filling. It has reasonable structure, safe operation, reliable performance, easy maintenance. It is ideal equipment for beverage plant.

Its main features are:
1. Compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high automation, low labor intensity.
2. Bottle transport bottlenecks are all made of card technology, changing bottle shape does not need to adjust the equipment, just change arc guide plate, round dial associated with the bottle mouth, the bottle diameter, etc.
3. The specially designed stainless steel bottle clamp is sturdy and out of touch with bottle threaded parts, to avoid secondary pollution to bottles.
4. The parts contacting with materials are made of food grade stainless steel. No process dead angle, easy to clean.
5. Valve opening mechanism is driven by the pneumatic cylinder. The valve is open once getting signal of bottle, the movement is reliable and accurate.
6. The big flow, high precision filling valve and filling speed, liquid level accurate, no fluid loss.
7. Capping device adopts magnetic constant torque, to ensure the quality of sealing, and will not damage the cap.
8. Use efficient cap preparation and automatic supplying system, with perfect cap feeding and and cap-lack protection device.
9. The bottle thumbwheel cork base plate adopts descending spiral method, changing bottle shape does not need to adjust the height of conveyor chain.
10. It is equipped with overload protection device, which can effectively protect the safety of equipment and operators.
11. It adopts touch screen operation, which can realize the man-machine dialogue, the equipment running status be clear at a glance.
12. The main electrical components (touch screen, PLC, frequency converter, etc. ) are all imported branded products.
13, the components of pneumatic path system all use well-known brand products.

The main technical parameters
1. The equipment model: 24-24-8
2. Bottle flushing stations: 24
3. The filling stations: 24
4. Capping stations: 8
5. Bottle shape: PET bottles
6. High bottle: 150-330 - mm
7. The bottle diameter: From 50-120 mm
8. Air pressure: 0.7 MPa
9. The compressed air: 1 m3 / min
10. Flushing bottle water pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.25 MPa
11. Comsumption of flushing water: 1.2 tons/hour
12. The filling method: Isobaric filling
13. The filling temperature: 5 centigrades or less
14. The main motor power: 3 kw
15. The power capacity: 4 kw
16. Production capacity: (1) 500 ml, 7000--8000 BPH
(2) 1500 ml 4000 BPH
17. Exterior size: 2800 * 2230 * 2230MM (length x width x height)
18. Equipment weight: 4500 kg


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