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Complete Purified Water, Mineral Water Treatment Equipment
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Complete Purified water, mineral water treatment equipment.
In recent years, the purified water market for the domestic barrelled water, bottled water, dual water supply, community water supply, the guesthouse water supply, the restaurant water supply grows rapidly. The reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology has played a huge role. Our water treatment equipment adopting international advanced reverse osmosis membrane device, can produce purified water meeting the national standards. The water treatment equipment is suitable for food, beverage, chemical industry, hospital, electronic industries. It can be core equipment for a community, industrial area, oil field as water house. Reverse osmosis is the world's most advanced and most effective energy-saving membrane separation technology. It mainly uses of reverse osmosis membrane permeability principle, through a certain way to apply pressure on the reverse osmosis membrane, counter to natural penetration direction force, make the water in the concentrated solution to dilute solution of seepage, this way is called reverse osmosis. As a result of the reverse osmosis membrane pore size is very small, so it can effectively remove salt dissolved in water, colloid, microorganisms, organic matters, etc. (removal rate as high as 97-99.6%). Equipment features are: Fine water quality, low consumption, no pollution, simple process, easy operation, etc.

The water treatment equipment consists of three sectors:
1. Pre-treatment: Quartz sand filter, Activated carbon filters, resin softening filter, precision filter.
2. Reverse osmosis: Reverse osmosis host: Including high pressure multistage pump, reverse osmosis membrane, online water quality monitoring.
3. Post-processing part: Including ozone sterilizer

Single stage reverse osmosis device: Raw water is from tap water, surface water, groundwater, after preprocessing system (including quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter, cationic softener), precision filter, through the high pressure pump, the raw water is fed into the single stage reverse osmosis unit, the output product called single stage ro water directly.
Single stage reverse osmosis, suitable for electric conductivity < 500 us/cm of water quality, water conductivity of 10-30 us/cm. (it can produce 0.5 tons - 100 tons/hour by the reverse osmosis production device). Two-stage reverse osmosis device: Raw water is from tap water, surface water, groundwater, the coarsely filtrated raw water is pumped to the pretreatment system, then enter the precision filter, through the 1st high-pressure pump, the water is input into the reverse osmosis system level 1. The output of this system is then fed into to the secondary reverse osmosis system by the 2nd pressure pump. The water produced in this system is called as two-stage reverse osmosis. Desalination rate can reach 99.6%. Suitable for electrical conductivity > 500 us/cm of water quality, water conductivity 0 to 10 us/cm. (it can produce 0.5 tons - 100 tons/hour by reverse the osmosis production device). We can offer plant production, installation, test run and aftersales according to client's water quality and specific requirement.

Model CGF16-12-6 CGF18-18-6C GF24-24-8C GF32-32-10
Working capacity(0.5L) 3000-4000 4000-6000 8000-10000 12000-15000
Filling error ≤±5mm(liquid surface level)
Pet bottle size Φ40-Φ80;high:130-280 Φ50-Φ100;high: 150-320
Flushing water
Flushing water
800 1600 2500 3500
Flushing stations 5 5 6 12
Bottle drying
3 3 3.5 7
Pneumatic source ordinary pressure
Consumption of air consumption 0.3 0.3 0.4 0.5
Total power 4.23 5.03 6.57 8.63
Total weight 2000 3500 5500 8000
Dimension 2100*1500*2200 2450*1800*2200 2750*2180*2200 3500*2200*2250


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