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Semi-Automatic Piston Filling Machine for Oil, Detergent
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This machine is mainly suitable for soybean oil, peanut oil, blend oil, olive oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil, honey, detergent and other viscous liquid filling. The whole machine structure is compact and reasonable, simple operation, quantitative precision, fast filling speed. Use double speed filling: Fast filling first, then slow filling completely overcome the spillover phenomenon. Filling nozzel is of unique design and the mouth with unique design, effectively prevent the residual oil dripping. It adopts quantative filling mode, when working, the piston is driven by the quantative cylinder to fill the bottles.

This machine can be used independently or combined in production line. Cooperating with inspection lightbox, sealing (pneumatic capping) machine, plastic shrinking machine, the efficiency of the production line can be efficiently enhanced.

Technical parameters:
1. The power supply voltage: 220 v
2. Working pressure; 0.4-0.6 Mpa
3. The filling speed: 120-200 bottles/hour/nozzel (5 liters)
4. The filling quantity: 100-1000 ml, 1000-5000 ml (other filling amount can be customized)
5. Overall size (dimensions): 700 * 600 * 1350 mm
6. Air pressure: More than 0.25 cbm/min.


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