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Automatic Filling Line for Edible Oil,Model No.150
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Automatic Filling Line for Edible Oil

This equipment is suitable for all kinds of edible oil filling, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, salad blend oil, sesame oil, sesame oil, edible blend oil. It can be combined in the production line with inspection light box, conveyor, automatic induction capping to form an automatic oil filling line. It is suitable for batch oil filling and packing

Technical parameters
Filling Numbers: 2 to 10 heads
Filling speed: 150-200 per head (bottles/h)
Filling range: 0.1 1 1-5.5 (l)
Filling error: + / - 0.3%
Power: 220 v, 1.0 KW
Pump pressure: 0.5-1.0 Mpa
Product features
Man-machine interface, directly set filling quantity;
PLC program control, frequency converter speed regulating linear filling;
High precision displacement meter, accurate and reliable quantitative;
Mechanical seal and vacuum backflow to ensure no drips.
Double filling speed: First fast, then slow filling,
Frequency control of motor speed, conveyor belt is 5.2 meters, automatic capping machine of induction type;
Beautiful appearance, high filling precision, convenient adjustment, easy operation, etc.


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