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Fully Automatical Piston Type Filling Machine
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Fully Automatical Piston Type Filling Machine

1. This machine adopts advanced high speed accounting device, PLC control system and man-machine touch screen, which makes the controlling system safe and stable. It is easy to operate the machine.
2, The built-in filling nozzels can effectively reduce oil to contact with the air to avoid the oil oxidation. After filling, the residual oil droplets were continuously sucked back and there is no leakage during the production. It can especially designed for filling bottles with oblique mouth.
3, The bottles are accurately located at working station by the photoelectric sensor and accounting device. If the bottles are not fully at the stations, the filling nozzels willl not descend and fill.
4, It is suitable for automatic filling of edible oil, lubricating oil, honey, detergent, tomato sauce, pasta sauce, soy sauce, etc.

Filling nozzels 2 4 6 8 10 12
Filling range 100-1000ml  1000-10000ml
Capacity 300-600                           400-1000 800-1500 1200-2000 1500-2200 1800-2500
Filling error Less than 0.3%
Power 0.18KW-0.75KW
Air compressor ≥0.8MPa
Working pressure 0.6 -0.7MPa
Based on: bottle of 2 liters and filling pressure: 0.15-0.2 Mpa.


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