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Scb9 Series 10/0.4/0.23 Kv Dry Transformer
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SCB9 Series 10/0. 4/0. 23 kv Dry Transformer 1- Low noise, low power loss, no pollution, Eco- Friendly Maintenance- Free, smart appearance fire- Proof, safety; 2- Highly moisture- Proof; 3- Better dissipation of heat; 4- Core: The core is manufactured with high quality cold rolled grain- Oriented silicon steel of high magnetic conductivity. 45° mitering and 5- Steps overlapping structure is adopted for the core design, thus to greatly reduce no- Load loss and no- Load current. 5- HV winding: HV winding is manufactured with high quality copper wire, reinforced with glass fiber and being casted with epoxy resin at vacuum state with pressure, having the resin fully impregnated into the coils in the most professional imported equipment. Therefore, product's partial discharge is especially low; 6- LV winding:LV winding (with the rated power equal to or higher than 400kVA) Is manufactured with high quality foil conductor, resulting in excellent ampere- Turn balance, low transverse magnetic flux leakage and higher anti- Short circuit capability. By designing reasonable air conduit in the windings to increase the heat- Dispersion surface, transformer's temperature rise is effectively controlled and the overload capacity is greatly improved. 7- Executed standards:GB/T10228-2008 Rated power (kVA): 50, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, High Voltage (kV): 6; 6. 3; 10; 10. 5; 11 H. V Tap range: ±5%; ±2×2. 5% Low Voltage (kV): 0. 4 Connection Symbol: Yyn0; Dyn11 Tapping range: +/-2*2. 5% / 5%or others in according to client needs;


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