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SCB10 Cast Resin Dry Type 10kv Power Transformer
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SCB10 Cast Resin Dry Type 10KV Power Transformer High- Tech process: SC (B) 10 series of non- Encapsulated dry- Type transformer is a new product with environmental protection, energy saving and security concepts. Well- Designed continuous, foil- Type structure and vacuum pressure treatment process Impregnation (VPI) Is applied. Overall vacuum impregnation, high temperature curing treatment, supported by using high- Strength ceramics Resin casted SC(B)9, SC(B)10 dry type transformers of glass fiber reinforced thin insulation, could be used as replacement of oil- Immersed type distribution trans- Formers Widely usage: They are particularly suitable for power plant, highs- Risebuilding, commercial center, theater, hospital, laboratory, museum, oil drilling platform, ship, port, station, airport, petrochemical plant, mass transit railway, tunnel, mine underground and other important place. Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer Technical range: 1, Voltage Class:6-35kV 2, Capacity Range:30-3150kVA 3, Voltage Regulating Mode: No excitation regulator or OLTC 4, Tapping range: ±5% Or ±2*2. 5% or (designed as requirement. ) 5, Frequency:5-HZ or 60HZ 6, Phase:3 7, Connection symbol: Yyn0 Or D Yn11 (designed as requirement. ) 8, Short- Circuit Impedance (Following the technical parameters) 9, Usage Ambient:Relative Humidity 100%, Max Ambient temperature 40 °C 10, Max Temperature Rise:100k 11, Cooling Type:Self cooling (AN) 12, Protection class:IP00, IP20(Indoor), IP23(Outdoor) 13, Insulation:F Class Rated power (kVA): 50, 100, 125, 160, 200, 250, 315, 400, 500, 630, 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, High Voltage (kV): 6; 6. 3; 10; 10. 5; 11


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