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Amorphous Dry-Type Transformer
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Amorphous Dry-Type Transformer 1.Rated capacity:50KVA~1600KVA 2.Rated voltage:11KV~33KV 3.Low loss and noisy 4.1 year warranty 5.Dry Type It possesses excellent performance such as safe, reliable and environment. It can be used in the load centre and suitable for demand and development of modern big cities. It reduces greatly loss of no-load and load loss. It is an advance dry transformer in the world. It possesses a great many good features such as non-flammable, self extinguishing, wet-proof, no-crack and maintenance-free. It is an idea product used for high-story building. Shopping centre, subway, airport, bus station, factory and power plant. It is especially used for the place where it needs high flame retardant and flamproof. Product Features 1. Iron core is made of Amorphous alloyed strip core with rectangular cross section and structure of four frame and five pillars. Loss ratio of load reduces by 75% comparing with the common dry transformer. 2. The low voltage coil adopts copper foil winding and high voltage coil uses NOMEX Paper insulation meterials with continuous structure. It has been soaked with class H non-solvent insulation many times through VPI vacuum pressure equipment and cure box. It has high mechanical strength good heat radiation, Strong short circuit capacity and operates safe and reliable. 3. The product uses NOMEX paper insulation system with flame retardant, explosion-proof and no pollution to environment. 4. Low noises, small volume, easy installation and maintenance-free. 5. Low partial discharge, high insulation and long life. 6. Good three-protection capability and no-crack. 7. It can be regained after use and no any pollution. 8. It has strong overload(120%) capability and can operate long time normally. Service conditions Ambient temperature: Highest air temperature +40篊 Lowest air temperature -5篊 Hottest monthly average temperature +30篊 Hottest yearly average temperature +20篊 The height above the sea level is below 1000m Scope of application This product has the merit of low no-load loss, no oil, self burn-out if prohibition is encountered, humidity endurance, anti-crack, no maintenance etc. It may take replace any normal Dry Type Transformer at high building, business centre, subway, airport, bus station, industrial enterprise and power-plant, extremely suit for those site with high inflammable & explosive needs.


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