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Vanadium Corrosion Inhibitor
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Vanadium Corrosion Inhibitor Vanadium corrosion inhibitor (heavy oil additive) is mostly used in gas turbine power plants in the world. It is made from high pure Magnesium and petroleum-basis sulfonic acid. It has a very good physical and chemical properties. The additives can supply available MgO burned with V2O5which built from heavy fuel oil injurant to form high melt point Vanadium Magnesium compound by chemical combination to inhibit vanadium corrosion, and coming into being scattered ash flowing out with turbine exhaust gas. It can be easy dissolved in heavy fuel oil with any proportion. The proportion of the Additive dosage of Magnesium and Vanadium in Heavy fuel oil should be around 3~3.5 (Mg:V=3~3.5),or according with the Gas Turbine instructions. The Nickel in the heavy fuel must be calculated with Vanadium for the additive dosage. The Vanadium inhibitor is strictly manufactured according GE standard GEK28150, It has a stability to hydrolysis, oil-soluble, not volatilizable and innocuous etc. The additive applies generally to heavy duty gas turbine used in industrial, marine and utility applications. We have made significant efforts in technical innovation. The overall performance of vanadium corrosion inhibitor is further improved. Particularly, we have made unique progress in the research of scale modification. The burning scale is relatively loosen, the gas turbine output drop is slow, and after water washing, the output resumption is good. Physical and Chemical Specifications Note: Normal supply includes magnesium concentration of 10%, 16%, 18%, 20%, according to blending as per user’s requirement. S/ No. Item Specification 1 Appearance Ivory white or brownish yellow liquid 2 Available magnesium content (wt) (%) 10~20 3 Flash point (open)(oC) >65 4 Freezing point (oC) <-10 5 Viscosity (mm2/s)@40oC ≤100 6 Density (g/cm3)@20oC ≤1.30 7 Particle size (um) ≤2 8 Deposit (%) <0.25 9 Stability No stratification after standing storage in one year 10 K+Na <50 11 Ca <300 12 Pb <35 13 V <15 14 Acid insoluble substance Trace


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