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SF Demulsifier series
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Product Application A. Demulsifying, dewatering and desalting of crude oil in the oil field and refinery. B. Demulsifying, dewatering and desalting of crude oil and heavy oil in the gas turbine power plant. Product Composition Fatty alcohol, fatty amine, phenol amine resin, surfactant, ethylene oxide, propylene oxide polymer and solvent. II. Physical and Chemical Specification of Demulsifier Item Specification Appearance Yellow or brownish yellow viscous liquid Hydroxyl value (mgKOH/g) <50 Cloud point (oC) 18~40 Relative density (20oC,g/cm3) 0.90~1.0 PH value (1% water solution) 6.5~8.5 Color APHA ≤300 III. Product Features The SF series demulsifiers include water soluble and oil soluble types, featuring fast demulsifying rate, excellent desalting effect, thorough separation of oil and water, low oil content in the desalting water discharge. It can effectively remove water soluble salts in the oil products. In which the metal-removal type of demulsifier can also effectively remove oil soluble ions like calcium in the oil products.


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