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Smoke Suppressant
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GYX-1 Fuel Oil Combustion Supporting Smoke Suppressant This product is a multi-effect fuel oil detergent, which is a compound of a number of surfactants including organic detergent dispersant, soot remover, and combustion promoter. In contrast to pure iron-containing smoke suppressant, this product does not produce ash itself, and offers better combustion support, smoke suppression and detergence performance. The combustion supporting factor is 2.1 times of iron-based smoke suppressant. By using this product, the combustion efficiency is increased by about 0.5-1%, the smoke caused by the combustion is reduced by 65%-90%, and the deposit of carbon black in the flue can be reduced by35%-65%. It reduces atmospheric pollution, and offers practical significance to environmental protection. Main Physical and Chemical Specifications: Item Specification Appearance Dark brownish black liquid Organic rare earth content (wt)(%) 6±0.5 Potassium + sodium, ppm ≤50 Flash point (open) (oC) >65 Freezing point (oC) <-20 Viscosity (mm2/s)40oC ≤50 Density (g/cm3)20oC ≤1.10 Particle size (um) ≤2 Deposit (%) ≤0.20 Stability No stratification after one-year standing storage


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